A once in a lifetime
spiritual journey

Golden Age Partners

Golden Age Partners is an exclusive Spiritual family limited to 700 passionate seekers chosen by the Supreme Light, who would rapidly grow in their levels consciousness; which would be impacting humanity in a big way. This would make the world into a family.

The Golden Age Partner would be going through  a program called A Journey into the Here and Now. This Journey would progress in 15 stages.

At the first stage a Golden Age Partner would go through an intense spiritual process for 15 days at the Oneness University. Thereafter would be guided online weekly through a series of daily and weekly contemplations, and meditations.

Oneness University

Oneness University is a center for learning and growth that caters to people of every faith and all walks of life.  The University represents growth and learning for spiritual and physical well-being that recognizes the different needs and motivations of students. Some seek fulfillment or solutions to problems, while others seek love and enlightenment.

Whatever your motivation, Oneness University is a personal, sacred environment visited by thousands of people from around the world, all united by a desire to reach a state of spiritual awakening. It is a world where regaining the conscious mind is so profoundly experienced that it leads students into a state of love and limitless joy.

A School For Living Life

Oneness starts with one’s self, and is a never-ending journey

What Is Oneness?

When you start experiencing the nature of creation you will begin to see its beauty and cease to be separate from it.

Oneness is a philosophy that dispels the sense of separation that hinders mankind’s ability to truly live life and instead offers a path that connects Man to all things physical and spiritual. It is an understanding that we exist as part of a grand collective, much like drops of water make up an ocean or grains of sand a desert.

Oneness provides an awakening into fulfillment, gratitude, and compassion, leading to global transformation through individual awakening. When you discover Oneness, the world discovers oneness. Eventually the path of Oneness will lead to a discovery of causeless love which brings a sense of oneness with all things, oneness with the universe, and finally oneness with the all that is (the super conscious).

The Phenomenon of The Supreme Light

For centuries, people around the world have sought liberation from existential suffering and awakening into spiritual enlightenment. The Divine has responded with the phenomenon.

A phenomenon is a rare, but very significant occurrence which happens every time mankind experiences a crisis. Christ is a phenomenon, Buddha is a phenomenon, Mohammed is a phenomenon, Rama is a phenomenon, Krishna is a phenomenon – and now the Golden Orb is a phenomenon. The Golden Orb phenomenon is bringing about an extraordinary awakening in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Divine reaching out to man…

Home of the Oneness Phenomenon

The Temple of Supreme Light

The Temple of the Supreme Light was built based on the revelations from the Supreme Light. The Temple of the Supreme Light is a magnificent structure, a vortex of Grace and a powerhouse for the phenomenon of the Supreme Light, propelling the human race towards oneness. This structure is a 3 dimensional projection of the Surya Yantra (a sacred geometric form), in order to create a powerful energy field.

It has been referred to as a mother’s womb because of the power it has to transform those that enter it. In the temple, people get awakening experiences leading to transformation. The transformation involves changes in the brain and in one’s programs which run one’s life. As a result of this people’s worldly and spiritual needs gets fulfilled. One’s worldly problems either get solved or dissolved and the seeker becomes enlightened.


I find the change brought by the rise of awareness has become more and more sophisticated and delicate.

People all know that the Taiwan Oneness Foundation has organized an Oneness Meditation event, in which more than ten thousand people attended, back in 2012. And the Foundation is going to host another 2000-people P&G in the coming October. The scales of both events are matched about the same, but the phenomena shown are totally different.

If I were the old me, my inner self would convince me to escape from it and avoid the pressure; I would try to make a turn. Back to the year of 2012, I was all tensed up; it’s like when an arrow is on the bowstring, it must fly. The event was extremely huge, so back then my mind kept providing me with various “solutions”, telling me where to make a turn, when to escape…but I mesmerizingly telling myself, “I must do it! Otherwise, many people won’t be able to get the help!” I was in such a status of inner fear and the “doing” had so much to do with outer factors!

But why? My fear is gone now. All I can see and experience is in the moment. That is the most significant change I have now. If it were the past me, I would have been deceived by the mind. It would persuade me to turn, to escape or even just change a smaller location…

There are many challenges and difficulties along the road, but what I have experienced now is that if I stop walking, I will not see the truth; if I cease to continue, I will not be able to enjoy the scenery along the way. Strange to say, my interest is so spontaneous and it keeps me going. I feel so interested in seeing all the unseen scenes on the journey. Concerning “awareness”, it is not something that guarantees a carefree mind nor can it detach one from the outer world. Awareness is a gift that enables us to continue to appreciate the scenery, and when we keep walking, the creativity just arises in the course. As for the 2000-people P&G in October, I am feeling the success in every moment that I am in. Failure is when I am not in it and not doing it. Right now, my altered consciousness has empowered me to enjoy the “being”. Every step forward is full of creativity. Awareness has dissolved my inner fear and that the most wonderful change I have experienced right now.

Founder/Entrepreneur/CEO / Taiwan



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